Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Talk Radio Rallies to Romney to Thwart McCain

Many prominent talk radio personalities and hosts are rallying to Mitt Romney, in an effort to thwart John McCain. McCain has a record that is out of line with the pubic and if elected, he will deprive Americans of having any real choice in November on amnesty for illegal aliens. McCain is also seen as being aligned with Democrats on many issues in what is becoming known as the McClintObama Amnesty.

Rasmussen Polls say this is a close race, with McCain at 33%, Romney at 30%, and Huckabee at 22%. Huckabee is playing the roll of spoiler and is dividing the anti-establishment vote inside the GOP. The anti-illegal immigration vote is divided three ways between Romney, Huckabee, and Ron Paul, while the pro-Amnesty vote is consolidated around McCain.

Other polls by USA Today/Gallup, ABC, and CBS contradict the Rasmussen Poll by claiming that McCain has a lead over Romney 2 to 1 or "45% to 24%". We would like to know why the disparity between these polls far exceeds the margin of error and why the pro-McCain polls are receiving wide press, while the Rasmussen Poll is being spiked.

The following well known talk radio show hosts have either endorsed Mitt Romney or said they are voting for him, or have spoken favorably about Romney, while slamming McCain. There are sure to be more which we are not aware of, at the time of this release.

This is the list that our online activists believe are trying to stop McCain with Romney.

Sean Hannity
Michael Savage
Laura Ingram
Lars Larson
Glenn Beck
Roger Hedgecock, (KOGO San Diego)
John and Ken (KFI Los Angeles)
Hugh Hewitt
Mark Levin (The great one)
Rick Roberts (KFMB San Diego)
Steve Gill and Phil Valentine of TN
Kevin James
Mike Gallagher
Herman Cain
Possibly Rush Limbaugh

Please let us know, if you know of others we should add or about changes we should make to our list.

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