Monday, February 25, 2008

California: Sarah's Law Over Half-way to November Ballot

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 25 /Standard Newswire/ -- Sarah was a 15-year-old girl who underwent an abortion without her parents knowing. The doctor unknowingly tore her cervix, she developed a massive infection and died.

Sarah's Law, an initiative headed for the California ballot in November, will require that a doctor notify at least one family member before performing an abortion on an under-18-year-old girl.

As of Monday, February 25, the signature count for Sarah's Law topped 600,000 -- out of a total of 1.1 million raw signatures needed.

Like Proposition 73 in 2005 and Proposition 85 in 2005 -- both narrowly lost -- Sarah's Law will require a parent to be notified. But unlike Props 73 and 85, Sarah's Law will allow, in the case of abusive parents, another adult relative -- grandmother, aunt, adult sibling -- to be notified instead.

For petitions and more information, call toll-free (866) 828-8355, email or visit

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