Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Lou Dobbs Deal, It's Now or Never Mr. President

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has released an open letter to CNN host Lou Dobbs, asking him to rise to the call of the American Spirit and run as an Independent candidate for President, since the remaining viable Presidential candidates are all Washington insiders supporting the same amnesty plan created by the US Chamber of Commerce.

"Lou Dobbs is a hero as a news source because you can get information on his show that others in the media suppress or distort," says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Dobbs knows and reports more of the truth about what is happening in America. He has chosen to stand with the majority of American citizens and not the special interest groups that currently dominate DC."

Lou Dobbs could easily dominate the field on the top issues of the economy and illegal immigration. His views on illegal immigration have brought him a rapidly growing audience and he has a degree from Harvard in economics.

"Polls show historic low satisfaction levels with the White House, Congress, both political parties, and the direction the nation is moving in," says Gheen. "The last thing we need is more DC insiders like McClintobama, which will all do about the same things if elected. A historic stage is set for an Independent to run and win and that person has to be Lou Dobbs."

ALIPAC setup a website at where people could sign up as volunteers and potential contributors for a Dobbs campaign. The website quickly received support from over 2,000 people that pledged over half a million dollars. When the amount pledged exceeds one million, William Gheen will request a meeting with Lou Dobbs.

To read ALIPAC's full Open Letter to Lou Dobbs, titled "The Lou Dobbs Deal It's Now or Never", please visit or

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