Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stop the Nancy Pelosi $18 billion energy tax hike!

The Democrats are at it again, trying to raise taxes on energy. Speaker Pelosi’s latest scheme includes $18 billion in new taxes and does nothing to increase domestic production and lower overall energy costs. In fact, this new bill, HR 5351, would raise the cost of energy production, causing home energy bills and the price of gas at the pump to rise.

We were able to stop similar legislation last year in the Senate, but the House Democrats want to give it another try. Help us put a stop to this anti-energy nonsense by TAKING ACTION NOW!
In a world economy where energy resources are so important, it is foolhardy to make American companies less competitive on the world market by increasing taxes and regulations on them. Instead we should be unleashing the power of the market, and expanding domestic production to meet our energy needs.

HR 5351 is based on the failed belief that government can create jobs. The reality is that government taxes and regulations are much better at destroying jobs than creating them. HR 5351 will no doubt create energy production jobs overseas, but will destroy them at home. In a time when we want to encourage our economy, it makes no sense to raise energy prices, squeeze family budgets, and stifle our industry’s ability to compete globally.

TAKE ACTION to send a message to Congress that more taxes on energy production is the wrong way to go.

Dick Armey

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