Monday, February 25, 2008

A few Obama stories...

Obama's Fiction and the Reality of Globalization
The President should have visited Cairo this week – Cairo, Illinois that is.
A new Gallup poll confirms America’s “surging pessimism” about the job market coupled with an ongoing decline in consumer confidence. Strikingly, one in four Americans surveyed were worried that they or their spouses would lose their job in the next twelve months.

Obama: Hoping Away Reality
When the competitive edge begins to dull, successful organizations and individuals often regroup and reevaluate their methods. In sports, when a gifted-new talent contributes extensively to upsetting a dominant team, a wise coach frequently refocuses his athletes on the fundamentals of the game.

Islamic Links on Obama Web Site Stir Criticism
( - A page for Muslim supporters of Sen. Barack Obama -- hosted on Obama's presidential campaign Web site -- promotes events sponsored by controversial Islamic groups.

Obama targets NAFTA but says supports free trade
LORAIN, Ohio (Reuters) - Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama assured U.S. trading partners on Sunday that he did not oppose free trade despite making increasingly critical comments about multilateral deals such as NAFTA.

Conservatives Place Hold on Obama's Global Poverty Bill
( - Two conservative members of the U.S. Senate have anonymously placed a hold on Sen. Barack Obama's (D-Ill.) global poverty bill, Cybercast News Service has learned. The effort is an attempt to slow down the progress of a bill (S. 2433) that conservative analysts say could eventually force the U.S. to increase its foreign aid by hundreds of billions of dollars.

This Just in From Venus: Hillary's The Tough One, Obama's The Nice One
The Democratic candidates have landed, just in from somewhere out there in the stars. The surprise is that Hillary's from Mars, and Barack Obama's from Venus. She's tough; he's nice. She's strident; he's soothing. She insists that she's hard enough -- even mean enough when it comes to that -- and ready to be commander in chief on day one.

Obama, Clinton Fight for Votes as Battle Rages to Take On McCain
The best political gift of the day for Barack Obama’s campaign has been served up by Iowa’s Des Moines Register, the largest newspaper in the swing state that put the Illinois senator on top in possible head-to-head match-ups in the fall election.

Play by Play: Obama Wins Votes One at a Time
CINCINNATI — Colleen Munninghoff challenged Sen. Barack Obama politely Monday to win her vote in next week’s Ohio primary. And he did.
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