Thursday, February 7, 2008

Statement From MassGOP Chairman Regarding Governor Mitt Romney

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman, Peter Torkildsen, issued the following statement regarding Mitt Romney:

"Today I want to publicly thank Gov. Mitt Romney and his campaign team for the aggressive and issue-based campaign that he ran in Massachusetts and throughout the country.

Mitt Romney won Massachusetts decisively and finished first or second in almost every race. When he started the campaign, he was little known outside of a few states, but quickly joined the top tier of candidates. He is a realist, and as he suspends his campaign, he can hold his head high for the quality of the campaign that he ran.

I sincerely hope that Mitt Romney will stay active with the Republican Party. He remains a prominent figure to promote our ideals and vision for the future, and with his dedicated organization here in Massachusetts and throughout the country, he will be in great demand to help elect Republicans to office.”

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