Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Prominent Black Minister Says Disdain Obama Showed for America When He Refused to Wear the Flag Lapel Pin is confirmed by His Wife's Remarks

Standard Newswire/ -- Bishop E. W. Jackson Sr., prominent black minister, once a top official in the Christian Coalition, blasted Barak Obama today for his lack of patriotism.

"Frankly, I was incensed when he announced that he would no longer wear the American flag lapel pin. In fact I was shocked that Americans did not rise up. But this takes the cake. The Obamas have enjoyed success in law and politics. He has risen in a free political system that has proved to be the greatest in the world. Now he may be poised to become President of the United States. And yet his wife says this is the first time she has been proud of her country. They do not deserve the popularity they are enjoying, and they certainly do not deserve to occupy the White House."

Bishop Jackson also pointed out that until the campaign, Obama was following a Pastor - Rev. Jeremiah Wright - who gives awards to Lewis Farrakhan and calls America a racist country.

"This is all starting to demonstrate a pattern" says Bishop Jackson. "Obama is apparently so far on the left that he has a problem with the flag and with having a real love and affection for his country. I am an African American, but I have been proud of my country for as long as I have been old enough to understand what America means to the world and why so many people around the world want to come here - freedom, opportunity and individual rights that are sacredly guarded."

Bishop Jackson is a minister, graduate of Harvard Law School and Adjunct Professor of Law at Strayer University. He is available for interviews and commentary.
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