Saturday, February 16, 2008

FreedomWorks Activists Outraged at Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Last week, the chairman of the conservative 216 Group, Representative Tom Graves, along with other members of the fiscal watchdog group, were stripped of their committee assignments because they failed to be bullied by House Speaker Glenn Richardson.

Legislators that make up the 216 Group, led by Representative Graves, are dedicated freedom-loving advocates that work together to advance policy that adheres to four simple principles: less government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, and liberty and justice for all. These bold leaders act as fiscal watchdogs and aren’t afraid to go after lawmakers, even those in their own party, who would seek to expand government on the backs of hard-working Georgia families.

Because Graves and other 216 Group members put policy before politics, they have angered Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson. The Speaker has decided to ‘teach the 216 Group a lesson’ by removing Representative Graves from the House “Hawk” team – a position that allowed him to vote on contentious legislation in any committee if the vote was close – effectively sidelining a key limited government champion.

FreedomWorks moved to activate conservative grassroots in Georgia by issuing a ‘call to action’ to its statewide membership of over 4,000 volunteers as well as other limited government advocates from all over the state urging them to phone and email Speaker Glenn Richardson calling for the reinstatement of Rep. Tom Graves as a House Hawk and to stop the Speaker’s quest for revenge by removing 216 members from important committees.

FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey commented, “The 216 Group is a stellar example of what is right in the conservative movement. It is a serious working group that concentrates on creating good policy for the people of Georgia. Unfortunately, Speaker Richardson is more interested in playing power politics and has set the fiscal conservative, small government movement in the state of Georgia back. I hope Speaker Richardson reconsiders his decision, and restores Rep. Graves and other 216 Group members to their rightful positions.”

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