Friday, February 1, 2008

Statement of Majority Whip Barry Fleming Regarding Judge Fuller’s Resignation from Nichols’ Trial

1/31/08 Majority Whip Barry Fleming (R – Harlem) today issued the following statement regarding Judge Fuller’s resignation from the Nichols’ Trial.

“This March will mark three years since Brian Nichols allegedly murdered a judge, a court reporter, a Sheriff’s Deputy, and a US Immigration and Customs agent in cold blood. At the time of the shootings, Brian Nichols was on trial for an alleged rape. It is absolutely ridiculous that three years will almost definitely pass since the March 11 shooting and we will be no closer to a solution or verdict in the Nichols’ Trial

“While Judge Fuller surrendering his post is definitely a positive development for this trial, it is extremely disheartening that it has taken almost three years and $2 million dollars of taxpayers’ money to accomplish virtually nothing. With the cost of defense spiraling out of control with no end in sight, it was the right time for Judge Fuller to step down.

“I, along with the other members of the special committee, Representative Chuck Martin and Representative Jay Shaw, will continue to investigate the manner in which this trial was conducted in the hopes that this type of disastrous judicial situation will never occur again. All Georgians and the victims’ families deserve better.

“Over the past week the special committee has applied intense pressure to have financial records released to the public. We have worked tirelessly to try and bring an end to this situation and to bring peace and closure to the families of the victims. Our special committee will consider recommendations of changes to our judicial system along with other measures to ensure that Georgia’s courts work effectively.”

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