Thursday, February 14, 2008

Help Defend an American Source of Clean Natural Gas

I am writing you with a special call to action for America's energy independence.We have been fighting an ongoing battle with liberal organizations over the fate of a major source of clean U.S. energy in Wyoming. Many of you sent comments to the government on this issue in April 2007. We need you to sound off once more.

This week, the organized Left is again sending thousands of new comments to the U.S. Department of Interior to try to derail the production of clean natural gas in Wyoming. At stake: the fate of the 3rd largest natural gas field in the United States.


America urgently needs to develop clean energy resources here at home, such as Wyoming’s abundant natural gas fields. That’s why I strongly support the new Proposed Action to conduct limited year-round production in Wyoming’s Pinedale Anticline Project Area. The government estimates that the Pinedale Anticline has enough clean-burning natural gas to supply ten million homes annually for more than 30 years. Unfortunately, the extreme environmental groups have organized a campaign to derail new production in Pinedale. They ignore the fact that this is one of the cleanest sources of energy, and can be produced right here at home. It seems like some on the Left want to move America back into the Dark Ages (quite literally) of candles and wind power. That's why we need you to take action now to defend reasonable and commonsense energy policy.


There is already natural gas production in the Pinedale Anticline, and the new Proposed Action plan would better utilize these existing operations, benefiting the environment, consumers, and our economy, while reducing America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy. With modern technology, we can further develop Wyoming’s energy resources in an environmentally responsible manner. Under the Proposed Action, 92 percent of the Pinedale Anticline will be left undisturbed by natural gas development.

What’s more, domestic natural gas development in Pinedale will have a positive impact on the local and regional economy because it will create a year-round workforce in this part of Wyoming.

Let’s keep America moving forward. Thanks in advance for your work on behalf of America's freedom and prosperity.

Dick Armey


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