Thursday, September 17, 2009

Westmoreland Supports House Vote Against ACORN

Congressman previously led effort against group’s involvement with Census

As a congressional leader in the fight to sever federal ties to ACORN, U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland joined an overwhelming House majority in voting for a bill to cut all federal funds given to the group.

“Today’s vote marks a rare victory for American taxpayers in this Democratic House, but ACORN’s abuses now are so well documented and so well known that even Democrats can’t defend them,” Westmoreland said. “Undercover videos of numerous ACORN offices giving advice on avoiding taxes and hiding an underage prostitution ring are only the latest examples of this group’s illegal behavior. I hope the Senate will follow the House by passing this legislation and sending it to the president for his signature.”

As chairman of the House Republicans’ Census Task Force, Westmoreland led a successful lobbying effort with the director of the Census Bureau to prevent ACORN from partnering with the bureau on the 2010 Census. The bureau announced last week that ACORN would be dropped from the bureau’s partnership program.

“Republicans didn’t take up this fight because it’s recently become a hot topic on cable news,” Westmoreland added. “In fact, last year, we sounded the alarm about ACORN’s voter fraud activities. In 2007, we started the fight to stop HUD from funding ACORN’s housing activities. Today’s victory has been a long time coming. ACORN’s work will continue even without federal funding and I encourage federal law enforcement authorities to investigate the group’s illegal actions.”
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