Thursday, September 10, 2009

John McCain: Health Care Reform Petition

My Friend,

Government-run health care issomething we simply cannot afford.

Sign the Petition Today

Last night, during his speech to a joint session of Congress and the nation, President Obama outlined his new proposal for health care reform. While I respect the President's point of view, and hope for an eventual compromise, I believe his proposal amounts to an egregiously expensive and expansive form of government-run health care.

After a month of hosting and attending town hall meetings with my constituents in Arizona and around the country, I know that Americans want health care reform. But what is so very clear to me is that Americans want to reform health care in the right way.

I am more convinced than ever that we must fix what is wrong with our health care system while doing no harm to the parts that work well. This means we need to have malpractice reform, we must emphasize wellness and fitness, give people the option to get the health insurance of their choice and bring the cost of health care under control.

If you agree, that we need to reform health care reform the right way, then I ask you to sign my health care reform petition today by following this link.

I am very troubled by the potential cost of the President's outlined plans. I know that you are very concerned with the national debt and a projected $9 trillion deficit. The prospective cost of the President's plan could reach $2 trillion, and frankly, our country simply cannot afford this price tag.

I will not support heath care reform that adds to the out-of-control spending spree the Democrats in Congress have gone on this year. And I ask you to join me in rejecting the addition of $2 trillion of debt by signing this petition right away.

Government-run health care is something we simply cannot afford, and I know that the majority of Americans agree with me that it is not the quality of health care that needs reforming, but the cost. But, I need to know you stand with me.

Will you follow this link to sign my petition?

As you know, the Democrats in Washington are doing everything in their power to push through their proposed reform full of political gimmicks. Your action today will send a clear message to them; we don't want government-run health care.

Thank you, my friend, for your support and involvement on this very important national issue.

Thank you,
John McCain

P.S. The Democrats have pledged to "move forward" with their $2 trillion plan regardless of Republican support. But, it is up to us to do everything in our power to put a stop to the wasteful spending and enact health care reform in the right way. Please sign this petition today and if you are able to, make a generous contribution to my reelection effort.
Thank you.

Note: we haven't gone to the petition to sign yet. Hopefully this isn't just a campaign contribution request couched around this very critical issue. - rns

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