Sunday, September 20, 2009

On NBC's Meet the Press, Boehner Discusses Health Care, Dems' Push for Bigger Government, War in Afghanistan

In an appearance this morning on NBC’s Meet the Press, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) discussed health care, the War in Afghanistan, and the dramatic expansion of the size of government under the current Administration. Leader Boehner highlighted House Republicans’ better solutions on health care – including allowing the American people to buy insurance across state lines and enacting medical liability reform – and called on the President to scrap his costly government takeover of health care and hit the “reset” button so Republicans and Democrats can work together on a bipartisan bill that reduces health care costs, expands coverage, and doesn’t break the bank. Following are highlights of Boehner’s appearance and video of the interview:


“We’ve outlined a number of ideas to make the current system better. Why not allow small employers to group together through national associations so they can buy health insurance for their employees like big companies and unions can today? Why not allow the American people to buy health care plans across state lines? Why not get serious about medical malpractice reform and more importantly the defensive medicine that doctors practice because we haven't reformed our tort system? There are ideas I outlined some of these ideas in a letter to the President back in may, asked to sit down with him and his Administration, and we got a nice polite letter back that says thank you for your ideas, we'll see you at the end. I’ve not been to the White House since late April, early may. There’s been no bipartisan conversation on Capitol Hill about health care, at some point when these big-government plans fail, and they will, the congress will not pass this, it's really time for the President to hit the reset button and stop all of this and sit down and start over in a bipartisan way to build a plan that Americans will support.”


“Let's remember something. The debate that we're in here is not just about health care. It’s about the trillion dollar stimulus bill that was supposed to be about jobs and turned into nothing more than spending, spending and more spending. It’s about a budget with a nearly $2 trillion deficit this year and trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see. It’s a cap-and-trade system, this big giant tax on the American people that this week we just find out the Treasury Department said will cost the average family $1,700 per year. You add to that this whole question of health care and the government option and the government involvement, and Americans today are getting more news about what's happening in their government than they have ever gotten before, and Americans are generally scared to death…

“What’s going on here is unsustainable. Our nation is broke, and at a time when we've got the serious economic problem and near 10 unemployment, we ought to be looking to create jobs in America, not kill jobs in America. Their cap-and-trade proposal, all this spending, all of this debt and now their health care plan will make it more difficult for employers to hire people, more difficult, more expensive to have employees which means we're going to have less jobs in America - but Americans are scared and that's why they are speaking up and that's why they are engaging in their government.”


“I said during the year, if the President listened to our commanders on the ground and to our diplomats, that I’d be there by his side, and I supported his strategy in Iraq. I’ve supported his strategy in Afghanistan, but it's pretty clear based on what I heard this morning that the President is changing the goals here. All he talked about was going after al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. What happened to the statement earlier this year when the President said we cannot allow the Taliban and al Qaeda to have a safe haven from which to train, operate and organize to go after Americans? That is a very big change, and so I’m really concerned. We’ve been asking for general McChrystal to come to Capitol Hill and testify. The request -- we haven't heard anything. There's reports out all last week that the White House has asked general McChrystal to wait four to six weeks before sending his request in, and so there's something -- there's something amiss here, and I am highly skeptical of the debate that we're going to have here over the next couple of months.”

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