Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bloggers on McCain

Union Leader: John McCain: A Trusted Leader
By kmorrison(kmorrison) John McCain for President by the Boston Herald, Boston's conservative newspaper, is so good we wanted to be sure our readers could see it for themselves. We reprint it here, edited for length, with permission. ...New Hampshire 4 McCain -

John McCain, true Masculinity
John McCain is a true mature man. This is a person who has managed a life as a warrior and a humanitarian. He is a man of solid values. A man of strength and resolve. A man of compassion. A man of the world. And a man of common people.Digg / upcoming -

Defrost Ted Williams, voter asks McCain
By Claudia Parsons LACONIA, NH - US presidents are pretty powerful but this was the first time White House hopeful John McCain was asked to defrost a dead baseball legend who was placed in cryonic suspension. Voter Jack Polidoro appealed to McCain to have ...Tales from the Trail: 2008 -

On The Nature Of John McCainO
ver the last few weeks, people have been focusing heavily on Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee while giving John McCain a pass. During that time, he has managed to get back into contention and now has an excellent chance to...Right Wing News -

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