Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Effort Launched to Draft Lou Dobbs as Presidential Candidate

With illegal immigration as a top issue in the 2008 campaigns and the possibility of a pro-Amnesty candidate such as John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, or Mike Huckabee winning the GOP primary, forcing American voters to choose between two pro-Amnesty candidates, a Draft Lou Dobbs for President campaign is being launched today by Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC) found at

"Ninety percent of our supporters are behind either Romney, Thompson, Paul, or Hunter for President because they appear truly opposed to Amnesty for illegal aliens," says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Eighty four percent of our supporters say they would support Lou Dobbs for President, if the GOP primary fails to yield a candidate opposed to Amnesty."

Lou Dobbs has earned national recognition for his tough stance on Border Security and curbing illegal immigration. While encouraging voters to register as independents, Dobbs addresses a host of issues dealing with the economy, trade agreements, election integrity, and America's middle class that would appeal to Democrats, Republicans, and Independent voters alike.

The Wall Street Journal reported on January 7 that many people are dropping Lou Dobbs' name as a potential candidate and that he is a self-styled "independent populist" who is reluctant to run, but responds to such suggestions with "I cannot say never"

"Lou Dobbs could run and win because he could easily raise the funds and grassroots support he needs to be a historic and viable candidate quickly. The public is eager to rebuke the DC status quo and would quickly rally to Dobbs," says Gheen. "Our website is designed to allow people to express their political support for Lou Dobbs, to show Mr. Dobbs what kind of support is out there, and to have some supporters organized, if he decides to run."

The website located at has information about Lou Dobbs, a speculative platform, videos, and allows people to register as volunteers and potential contributors to a Lou Dobbs for President Campaign.

In the event Lou Dobbs files for office, the website and supporter information will be presented to Mr. Dobbs as a campaign contribution by ALIPAC. Until that time, all information collected will be held in strict confidence.ALIPAC is one of the largest organizations in America fighting for secure borders and immigration enforcement, while fighting against Amnesty and illegal immigration. Founded on 9/11 in 2004, ALIPAC supporters are active in all 50 states and represent Americans of every race, party, and many walks of life, which indicates a desire for more to be done about illegal immigration. For more information please visit or

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