Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ready for Congress to Stop Pork-Barrel Spending? Make It Flake!

Ever since Republicans lost control of Congress in 2006, Minority Leader John Boehner has been working hard to convince his fellow Republicans that a return to fiscal responsibility and limited government principles is the way to regain the trust of the American people.

Leader Boehner knows the value of getting Republicans back to being the “party of less,” but he has an uphill battle (just as I did when I was in Congress) in going against the Members of his own party that are on the powerful Appropriations Committee. Many appropriators advance an agenda of “spend, spend, spend” with too little oversight. The goal for these politicians is to bring home the pork and create pet projects for their districts no matter what it costs the American taxpayer. And since the responsibility of this committee is to decide how Congress spends money, they’ve got the inside track.

Now, however, there is a spot to fill on the Appropriations Committee, and Rep. Jeff Flake, (R-6, AZ) a close ally of limited government conservatives who has been leading the fight against pork-barrel earmarks and wasteful spending, is ready to step in and reform Congress’ culture of out-of-control spending from the inside.

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This is a powerful opportunity for the Republican Leadership in Congress to prove they are serious about returning to an agenda of limited government principles.

Rep. Flake has made a name for himself on the Hill for his stalwart stand against the practice of earmarking. He has never offered a single earmark, and consistently puts the spotlight on Members who do through his weekly “Egregious Earmark” press releases and frequent speeches on the House floor to call out members of both parties for wasting the taxpayers’ money.

Jeff Flake is serious about reining in spending and has done an incredible job to date. But he can do even more by attacking the issue at its choke-point; from inside the Appropriations Committee.

Leader Boehner and key Republicans such as Roy Blunt (R-7, MO), Eric Cantor (R-7, VA) and Adam Putnam (R-12, FL), will ultimately decide who fills the current vacancy on the committee.
For years Congressman Flake has been a voice in the wilderness for fiscal responsibility. Republicans should now let him lead the charge.

We are building a coalition of concerned taxpayers and free-market groups that support this effort. Please visit to join us!

Dick Armey

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