Monday, January 7, 2008

Hunter to withdraw? Nope, he fools us

LA Times:

UPDATE -- Our apologies to Duncan Hunter. He used the "major announcement" we got notice about earlier -- and assumed, wrongly, meant he would be folding his presidential tent -- to decry his exclsuion from the pair of Republican candidate debates this weekend.

"Who do they think they are?" he said of media big shots. He also noted that he won a delegate from the caucuses in Wyoming on Saturday, which puts him ahead of Rudy Giuliani in that category. And he said he would remain a candidate "no matter what happens" in New Hampshire's Tuesday primary.

All signs point to a poor showing for Hunter. But he hopes that his emphasis on defense and national security issues might give him a boost in the South Carolina primary later this month.

Manchester, N.H. -- California's own Duncan Hunter, ostensibly a Republican candidate for president, has scheduled a "major announcement" at 11 a.m. (PST) "regarding the future of his presidential bid."

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