Monday, April 20, 2009

Boehner: Administration’s Promise to Cut Waste “Just Doesn’t Square with Its Reckless Record on Borrowing and Spending”

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today released the following statement on the Administration’s plan to trim .0025 percent from the $4 trillion federal budget after spending trillions in taxpayer dollars since the beginning of the year:

“The Administration’s new talk of trimming a meager .0025 percent from the $4 trillion federal budget just doesn’t square with its reckless record on borrowing and spending. Washington Democrats have spent the past three months doling out more taxpayer dollars than every previous President combined, and the Administration is clearly feeling the heat. If the Administration wants to get serious about cutting waste, it should start by taking a closer look at how millions in ‘stimulus’ dollars are being wasted on a skateboard park in Rhode Island, bike racks in Washington, D.C., highway studies instead of construction projects in Ohio, and programs led by housing agencies that routinely fail audits.

“Last week, hundreds of thousands of Americans participated in Taxpayer Tea Parties to say they’ve had enough of Washington piling more debt on our children and grandchildren, and House Republicans share their frustration. That’s why we have proposed a better budget solution that curbs spending, creates jobs by cutting taxes, and controls the debt. I hope the President and his Democratic colleagues in Congress back up their promises to control government waste by working with Republicans on better solutions that restore some fiscal sanity in Washington.”

NOTE: The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates the federal government will spend $4 trillion in Fiscal Year 2009. $100 million only represents a .0025 percent cut from this budget.

Over the weekend, House Republicans unveiled a new website – “Washington Watch Report” – highlighting government waste uncovered by the House GOP. The website is available at

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