Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Statement from Governor Sonny Perdue Concerning Election of Pastor Johnny Hunt as SBC President

The following is a statement from Governor Perdue regarding the election of Dr. Johnny Hunt, Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Woodstock, as the President of the Southern Baptist Convention:

“I have the utmost confidence that my pastor, Dr. Johnny Hunt, will not only be a great leader for Southern Baptists worldwide, he will demonstrate his love for all people just as our Lord has commanded us to do. While he has nurtured and shepherded a large flock, his leadership style is based on a concern and compassion for each individual. He has not only pastored a large, dynamic church, he has also tirelessly ministered to other churches and their pastor families. That is why I was not surprised that the love he shows so easily was returned through the votes of Southern Baptists. He is a leader of our faith that I am proud to follow.”

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