Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sen. Seabaugh Appointed to Senate Local Tax Collection Study Committee

State Senator Mitch Seabaugh (R-Sharpsburg) has recently been appointed by Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle to serve as a member on the Senate Local Sales Tax Collection Study Committee. Sen. Seabaugh will work with a group of eight committee members, consisting of fellow legislators and local officials from across Georgia to examine the tax collection rates of cities and counties.

“As costs are sharply rising throughout the economy, many families and individuals are struggling financially,” Sen. Seabaugh said. “My goal for this study committee is to find ways for local governments to cut costs to taxpayers by allowing them to choose how their taxes are collected.”

Currently under Georgia law, the state revenue commissioner collects local sales and use taxes on behalf of cities and counties, and subsequently charges them one percent of the amount collected, regardless of the total cost of collection. The study committee will look for ways for local governments to individually determine how their taxes will be collected, so that they could be charged a lower rate than the one percent charged by the state.

“Senator Seabaugh will be a valuable asset to the Local Sales Tax Study Committee,” said Lt. Gov. Cagle. “He is dedicated to his constituents and has worked diligently in the Senate. I look forward to learning more about the findings of this study committee.”

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