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The Real Agenda of Black Liberation Theology
Now, suddenly, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is misunderstood. Suddenly, so-called black liberation theology is misunderstood.
Wright's successor at Trinity United Church of Christ, the Reverend Otis Moss III, won't bow to the wishes of "they" to shut up. It begs the question: "Who are they?" The larger white cultural? Or liberals and Democrats who see all this unfavorable publicity hurting the election chances of Barack Obama?
The sad truth is that neither the Reverend Wright nor black liberation theology is being misunderstood.

2008 GOP down ballots - The year of limited opportunities
Politics in America right now is all about the race for the presidency, with the lens focused on who will be the Democrats’ nominee.
Beyond that view of daily political drama (and forgotten presumptive Republican nominee John McCain) are the races to control Congress

Is Obama Trying to Bamboozle Us with His Wright Denials
"Some of my fellow clergy don't appreciate what we're about. They feel we're too radical." Jeremiah Wright to Barack Obama (Very first face-to-face meeting -- Chicago, mid 1980's*)
I thought I might have entered one of those political twilight-zone moments when I read this statement made by Obama Saturday, in response to reports on his pastor of twenty years:

McCain’s Involvement In Financial Scandal Taught Him Life Lessson
by Associated Press
Sen. John McCain’s ethics entanglement with a wealthy banker ultimately convicted of swindling investors was such a disturbing, formative experience in his political career that he compares the scandal in some ways to the five years he was tortured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

Hillary's Irish Peace Fantasy
"I was deeply involved in the Irish peace process"
Those words were uttered by Hillary Clinton — with a straight face!

Spitzer Nemesis Sent Letter to FBI Alleging His Use of Call Girls
A lawyer for Republican political operative Roger Stone sent a letter to the FBI alleging former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer used a high priced call girls while in Florida, the Miami Herald reported.
''The governor has paid literally tens of thousands of dollars for these services. It is Mr. Stone's understanding that the governor paid not with credit cards or cash but through some pre-arranged transfer,'' the Nov. 19 letter read.,2933,340739,00.html

Wright Replacement Calls NPR 'National Publican Radio'
It would be enough to make Rev. Jeremiah Wright's accusation that the government created AIDS for purposes of perpetrating a black genocide sound almost rational. OK, scratch that. Nothing will render reasonable that morsel of moonbattery. But has the Rev. Wright's replacement suggested that NPR is . . . a Republican front operation?

Newsweek Editor Hints at Democrat Party Split if Clintons Steal Nomination
On Sunday's "Meet the Press," Newsweek editor Jon Meacham hinted that if the Clintons were to execute a "corrupt bargain" which gave Hillary the nomination, it could lead to a split in the Democrat Party akin to what happened in 1824.

Obama Eyes Active Role in Oil Markets
Democrat Barack Obama would take an active role in U.S. oil markets as president, tackling concerns about the dominance of large oil companies and eyeing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a potential weapon to combat high prices, his top energy adviser said.

The New Jimmy Carter
Thirty two years ago a Democrat politician with very little experience "transcended" politics as usual and was lifted on waves of good will to the White House. It seems to be happening again. Jimmy Carter is unknown to most young Americans. Most Americans do not remember how Carter magically seemed to appear on the American political scene. Perhaps a history lesson is in order.

In Easter Sermon, New Obama Pastor Charges Rev. Wright Victim of ‘Lynching’
by Judson Berger
CHICAGO — The new pastor of Barack Obama’s church delivered a defiant defense of its retiring reverend Sunday, comparing media coverage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. to a modern-day lynching that resembles Jesus’ death at the hands of the Romans.

Jeremiah’s Jeremiads – Pulpit Demagoguery
By David R. Stokes
Though Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s diatribes have been widely condemned, some have sought to dismiss them as episodic rather than chronic; a few isolated statements wrested out of context by those looking for anti-Obama ammunition. Others have tried to defend the Illinois pastor by suggesting that too many Americans don’t understand the black church.

William Jefferson Obama
I now have reason to suspect that Barack Obama has a skill of proven value to a U.S. President: the ability to look straight into the camera and not tell the truth, without lying.

ABC's Claire Shipman Blames Republicans for Current Financial Crisis
As media continue to report current economic conditions as being almost Depression-like, they conveniently forget which political party has controlled both chambers of Congress since January 2007 as well as who was in the White House when key financial services deregulation was enacted.

Hillary Calls for $30 Billion Housing Fund
ANDERSON, Indiana - Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton called on Thursday for a second stimulus package, including a $30 billion emergency housing fund, to help boost the ailing U.S. economy. Saying "the housing and credit crisis is the biggest threat to the health of our economy," the New York senator said the emergency fund would help states buy foreclosed properties and provide mortgage restructuring.

Obama speech opens up race dialogue
Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech. John F. Kennedy's Houston Ministerial Association address. And… Barack Obama's race speech?
Several students of political rhetoric suggest Senator Obama's moving speech in Philadelphia Tuesday could stand with some of the great speeches in American history.

In Case You Missed It: American Taxpayers Beware (The Washington Times)
House Republicans have taken a stand against wasteful Washington spending by calling for a complete freeze on all "earmarks" and pork-barrel projects. While our challenge has largely fallen on deaf ears -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, could shut down the earmark process tomorrow if she wanted to -- our cause has a strong ally in Sen. John McCain.

In Case You Missed It: Democrats Are Still Weak On Security (Wall Street Journal)
[F]or a party whose presidential candidates pledge they'll remove U.S. troops from Iraq immediately upon taking office -- without regard to conditions on the ground or the consequences to America's security -- a late February Gallup Poll was bad news. The Obama/Clinton vow to pull out of Iraq immediately appears to be the position of less than one-fifth of the voters.

In Case You Missed It: Fox News On Barack Obama's Inconsistencies On Iraq War
Fox News' James Rosen: "To hear Senator Obama tell it in Fayetteville, the home of Fort Bragg, he has never wavered in his opposition to the Iraq war.
It's true that Obama, speaking in Chicago on October 2002, opposed the invasion of Iraq. But in public statements thereafter, the Illinois senator has occasionally cast himself as a supporter of President Bush's conduct of the war and has also been at times, far off the mark in his forecasts of how specific adjustments in tactics would affect the military situation on the ground.

Media Wrong Again: Poll Finds Most People Didn't Like Obama's Speech
One of the constants espoused by conservative media analysts is that the views of most mainstream press members are not shared by the majority of Americans.

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