Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gingrich Calls on Obama to End Bailouts

/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich today called on the Obama administration to abandon the strategy of bailing out failing companies, and instead insist that companies choose bankruptcy or receivership as the only way to restore a sense of order and fairness to the economic system.

This includes AIG, who recent reports suggest is going to need another bailout even while rewarding its executives $165 million in bonuses.

In his weekly newsletter for, The Newt Gingrich Letter, Gingrich writes about the outrage over the bonuses being paid to AIG executives:

"The cure for our outrage is not merely, as President Obama is demanding, that AIG be prevented from paying its executives... Nor is it acceptable to ask Americans to keep throwing their tax dollars at failed companies and their leaders.

The answer is an old fashioned one: AIG should choose between receivership or bankruptcy. It should not be allowed to choose more bailouts from the taxpayer."

Gingrich continues:

"Thanks to the Bush-Obama-Geithner policy of bailing out failing companies, we now have the worst of all possible scenarios: A taxpayer subsidized, government supervised private company; an unsustainable public/private hybrid that is too public to make its own decisions and too private to be responsible to the taxpayers that are keeping it alive.

"Outrages like the fat cat bonuses currently dominating the headlines will only continue as long as the rule of politicians supplants the rule of law on Wall Street.

"Bankruptcy would replace the rule of politicians over U.S. financial institutions with the rule of law."

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